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Divination Cards at Drawing Center


These where done during the spring and winter of 2014. They where created as studies for two performances. The first set was done for the show “The Intuitionists” at The Drawing Center, which opened July 10, 2014. The performance that grew out of the drawings involves me shoveling dirt form one circle of beads to another in a counterclockwise direction.

The second set are 16 studies for another performance I plan to do in the winter of 2014-15. In this performance I am carrying a tent into Newark from Elizabeth to do a performance where I use my body as the geography of Caujery (Cuba) and tell stories from my youth.

Both set of cards are meat to be handled and read for open-ended stories similar to tarot cards. The images and text are meant to lead you and point the way in to some common territory, only to quickly loose the viewer in the narrative. I use text and image because am interested in the participation of the viewer.


Proposal Below     



second set of divination cards


studies for performance view with divination cards

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