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Refineries with Organs, painting, 44X61

Some Healing In The Body Painting 35X44

Lazaro's Dance, painting, 44X48

Exit 13A NJ Turnpike, painting, 44X38

Toungue and Refinery at Exit 13, painting, 44X44

Victor and the Tricycle with Cuchillos, painting, 44X48

Herculito, painting, 44X61

Parting the Sea painting, 44X61

La Leche De Lorca, painting, 44X61

Muscle and Hope, painting, 44X65

Muscle and Freedom, painting, 44X65

Samsonsito el Chiquito, painting, 44X61

Nut, painting, 44X61

Landscape with Refineries and Muscles painting, 44X61

San Lazaro faces north to the Linden Elizabeth Refineries, painting, 44X61

Lighting the Inside, painting, 44X34

Public Fire, painting, 44X61

Muscle Head,  painting, 44X61

Endoplastic, painting, 44X44

View from the Arthurkill, painting, 44X38

Good Old Days, painting, 44X38

Under the Mantle, painting, 44X38

View From Exit 13,  painting, 44X38

From the PLane,  painting, 44X61

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