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This selection from the series Albers and Skins started with a memory of me sleeping the siesta with my father in Caujerye , Orinte, Cuba. I would make believe that his body was the topography of the Caujeri valley. His belly and chest where the mountains we took to get there and the legs the lowlands. I would use a pyramidal piece of wood and run it over his body creating roads by flattening his curly hair. I scanned my body in pieces, to relive this memory, at a high resolution and framed with color as a reference to Joseph Albers Homage to the square. The toys where used in my class to define racism, class, culture and stereotypes. I would have loved to eat these toys the way Goya’s “Kronos Devouring His Children” is doing. I pin them on to the body as a way of defusing their intensity and neurotic held categories, the same way a sunset humbles me on a beach.

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