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Homies is a series that attempts to bridge two bodies. One is my experience with students in Newark for 32 years and the  other is my first 10 years in the hills of Oriente Cuba. Nature and the city  is one ecosystem and this series is an attempt at  a  mixture of "memory and desire"

El Brujo Y La Lechusa II

El Brujo Y La Lechusa I

El Brujo Y La Lechusa III

Mi Marshmellows Dansan al sonido del Disco

Cruzando El Rio

Entre Dos Mangos

El Caribe

Cruzando El Rio de Caujeri

Bradding Hair In The Cloud Of Unknowing

Pintura de Piedras y Paredes 

No Me Peino Pa Ti


Reaching For

Mi Refineria Abstracta

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