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La Leche De Nut No He Pa To Do  44X60 Acrylic/Paper 

South of The Linden Refineries   44X60  Acrylic/Paper

 Tripple  44X60  Acrylic/Paper

Selfie as Kronos Devouring the Electrician    44X44  Acrylic/Paper

 Selfie as Kronos in the workers shoes   44X44  Acrylic/Paper

Curando   44X44  Acrylic/Paper

Three Heads and a Machete   44X44  Acrylic/Paper

Selfie as Trump Devouring His Workers    44X44  Acrylic/Paper

Mano Sagrada With Workers   44X44  Acrylic/Paper

El Canto De La Cigarra Penetra La piedra    44X44  Acrylic/Paper

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