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Mountain Road 


Lorca Y Su Cueva


Cante Jondo

4 Alfreda .JPEG


20 Cucuyo Sobre Yacabo .JPEG

Cucuyo Sobre Yacabo 

30 Encrucijada .JPG






28 Yacabo y el Cangrejo .JPEG

Yacabo y el Cangrejo 

28 Manbo.JPEG


15 Wasimara.JPEG


25 Flores Pa Linares .JPEG

Flores Pa Linares 

7 La Loma.JPEG

 La Loma

23 Sangre Sagrada.JPEG

Sangre Sagrada

3 Stag2.JPEG


8 Piedra Sobre Yacabo.JPEG

Piedra Sobre Yacabo

14 Courage of the Coward.JPEG

Courage of the Coward

10 Milk SKy.JPEG

Milk Sky

11 Cucullo Sobre Yacabo.jpg

Cucullo Sobre Yacabo

2 Stag.JPEG


6 Son Del Monte JPEG.JPEG

Son Del Monte

8 David.JPEG


24 Corpus Collosum.JPEG

 Corpus Collosum

26 Sobre La Noche Verde.JPEG

Sobre La Noche Verde

7 Elizabeth Clouds .JPEG

Elizabeth Clouds 

13 Depois Da Quemeimaduras .JPEG

Depois Da Quemeimaduras

18 Arrollo en tu Sequia .JPEG

Arrollo en tu Sequia

16 Cigarren Yacabo.JPEG

Cigarr en Yacabo

12 Cigarra Madrugal.JPEG

Cigarra Madrugal

38 Si Yo Supiera .jpg

Si Yo Supiera 

22 Asi Como Tu .JPEG

Asi Como Tu

19 Sonido .JPG


Diagram After Jimenez

36 Piedra .JPEG


5 Que .JPEG


4 Right LEg UP.JPEG

Right Leg Up

4 Ground.JPEG


39 El Cucuye.jpg

 El Cucuye

6 Blue Fire.jpg

Blue Fire

1 Where the FUck Art you.jpg

Where the Fuck Are you

5 Felipe Five Legs.JPEG

Felipe Five Legs

27 Cruzando El Rio.JPEG

Cruzando El Rio

27 Cruzando El Rio b5.JPEG

Cruzando El Rio

27 Cruzando El Rio b7.JPEG

Cruzando El Rio

Most of this work is based on triggering memories of Cuba, where I lived my first ten years. The Hills of Caujery in Oriente, where I lived with my grandparents were isolated and the roads to get there were treacherous. The two approaches from Guantanamo depended on the weather; the one for the rainy season transversed through thread dirt roads along the edge of cliffs and the other, used during the dry season went through the foot of the mountains. I spent the first ten years of my life out of schools and outdoors playing at the dry garbage heap, placing bird traps with my grandfather and watching my grandmother in her sewing machine and cooking. With very little formal schooling and no TV, I learned to love making things with my hands. In these works, I am not interested in creating a descriptive cartography of the landscape, I am instead interested in suggesting

a feel of being there. 

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